MSI specializes in repairs and life-extensions of offshore oil & gas installations with particular emphasis on FPSO’s and production platforms worldwide. As a full service provider of steel and coating repairs, MSI offers experienced and multi-skilled crews and the most advanced tools for:

DE-MUCKING   Manual removal, de-mucking ejectors and/or vacuum systems are used to ensure a cost –effective and quick removal of sediments for inspections and repairs of all types of tanks onboard.
  MSI uses a combination of high-pressure water (typically heated) and environmentally friendly de-greasing chemicals to clean areas to be repaired to hot-work standards.
SCAFFOLDING   MSI can erect any type of scaffolding needed onboard to obtain access to tank internals or any maintenance/repair item externally on the vessel. We have systems for hull repairs above the water-line and accommodations/engine casings.
  Ultra High Pressure (UHP) blasting with fresh water has nearly replaced grit blasting as a surface preparation tool for off-shore use and MSI has 15 years of experience with these machines world-wide. Using a fleet of 25+ UHP machines tailored for onboard use and a staff of over 100 UHP operators, MSI is able to assist with any size requirement clients may have.

Grit blasting is used as required to e.g. prepare areas for SPS overlay or ready scrubbers and filters for specialty coatings like vinyl ester glass flake products.
COATING   Using professional crews with spray painting experience from coatings repairs on over 300 vessels, MSI can repair or replace any coating system onboard.
STEEL REPAIRS   MSI carries out class approved steel repairs to any structures onboard. We have changed out hundreds of tons of steel in tanks without any interruptions to the vessel’s operation.
SPS OVERLAY   When gas-freeing is not easily available, SPS overlays may be an alternative in areas such as main deck reinforcements.
UHP CUTTING   MSI uses the most modern equipment to cold-cut steel onboard for access or crop and removal. Piping, profiles and steel plate up to 50 mm thickness can easily and cost-effectively be cut using UHP water without any need for cleaning or gas-freeing.
  MSI carries out repairs and replacement/installation of hydraulic & pneumatic lines and cargo heating systems. Using a combination of access lift platforms and rope access, MSI can replace or repair any hydraulic lines or heating coils in your tanks with no interruptions to the operations of the vessel.

MSI crops and renews any dimension pipes onboard and - by using cold-cutting with UHP water - is able to crop and renew a large array of process piping without the need for Hotwork permits and associated cleaning and preparation work.

MSI offers fabrication of pipe sections, spool-pieces and other steel structures from facilities in Gdynia, Poland and Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
INSULATION   As a part of our pipe repair and renewal service, MSI AS also provide fully qualified Insulation specialist to replace and renew Cryogenic Insulation which allows potentially significant Corrosion Under Insulation to be repaired as well.

  Whether its refurbishing existing accommodations or installing additional POB capacity, MSI offer qualified and experienced and multi-skilled installers who is able to handle the project from steel modifications to upgrading interior and renewing electrical and HVAC systems. Project Management is handled from either the Oslo (Drøbak) or Singapore office. Additional POB capacity can be gained from bridge conversions, expansion of existing accommodations and/or installation of containers fitted out as cabins or offices.

MSI offers owners & operators of FPSO and FSO’s world-wide an excellent safety record, full attention to QHSE, experienced crews and multi-skilled teams with FPSO repair experience, BOSIET/HUET certificates, class approved welding certificates and training in the use of anything from flux-core welding machines in tanks to UHP blasting of exterior shell plating above the water line.

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